Tops tips for selling hair bows, including on Instagram! – Part1

Tagging on Instagram

Using # tags at the end of your Instagram posts really does help as people browse and follow tags on Instagram, for example #hairbow #handmadehairbow #glitterhairbows #ukhairbow #ukhandmadehairbows



People love a competition on social media, it’s great to use this to gain new followers and increase your likes on posts, for example you can give away a free gift set of bows, customers can enter by following you, liking the post and commenting on the post.


Understanding social media 

Social media businesses like Instagram do not show your posts to all of your followers (at least not these days) Instagram shows posts that it thinks its users wants to see, for example if you post and you get some likes and comments it will then show more users your post. The best approach to this is ensuring you get engagement by posting amazing photos, having interacting posts, competitions and mixing up the tags on your posts.


Quality of social media photos

To get the best out of your photos on a small budget, a light box is a great way to get started. This is a light up, plastic, open fronted box for you to place products into to photograph your products. This especially helps on dull days or when working in low lit spaces.

Applying filters to the photos of your products isn’t advisable as this doesn’t portray a true representation of the colours. Instead, we recommend adjusting the exposure and brightness on the photo setting.



Email Marketing

Don’t underestimate email marketing. How this works; people can sign up to your newsletter (email marketing) on your website, within your email marketing software you have a list of email addresses, you can create your email with text, photos and links (drag and drop). We recommend engaging with your customers, talk to them, tell them what is new and trending. 

Google "Free email marketing" to find the tool for you.


Your Story 

People love the story behind a business and seeing behind the scenes, this allows them to feel part of a community you build. TikTok is great for creating some fun reels to add to your page.



Next time I’ll be revealing our top tips for finishing touches to your products!