How to make your own bag!

Create your own bags!
This is a super easy project that doesn't require any sewing at all!
We've put together a step by step guide of how to do it with images to help.
  1. Choose your fabric to create the bag, place the templates on top of the desired fabric and cut them out.


  1. Fold the side loops in half and glue to hold together (this is the two small pieces of the template)


  1. Place the piece of fabric with the scalloped edge so that the glitter / patterned side is facing away from you, then glue one of your glued loops each side of the scalloped piece of fabric (we recommend 3 inches from the base) The scalloped part should be at the top.


  1. Take the second largest piece from your template set and with the glitter / patterned side facing you, place on top of the scalloped piece and carefully line up with the bottom. Once it is lined up, glue around the edges, leaving the top open.


  1. Attach some ribbon / cord / chain to the loops to create a strap.


  1. To fasten the bag, line up the template to create a small hole or slit for either a snap fastener or a screw stud.


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