Beginners tips for making dummy clips

Dummy / pacifier clips include small parts so you must never leave a child unattended whilst using the clips.
Each time you give a child a clip check that all of the pieces are secure and that there are no loose parts.
Five easy steps to create your dummy clip:
Step 1.
Cut your nylon cord (we use approximately 17 inches for a dummy clip)
Step 2.
Fuse the two ends of the cord together (we carefully use a lighter to heat and fuse the ends together)
Your cord should now look like a circle.
Step 3.
Double together your threads and thread your dummy clip through the cord. We have used a natural wooden clip below.
 Step 4.
Thread your beads on to the cord one by one (to make it easier we use a hair pin or paper clip to feed them on to the cord.
Step 5.
Tie the end of the cord in a secure knot.
You can also create teething rattles using our beads and rings.