Autumnal DIY Snap Clips

Creating a quick and easy product like our Autumn pumpkin snap clips will feel fun and rewarding!
You can create this whole product using our:
• Autumn pumpkins leatherette
• 70mm Snap clips
• White scalloped bow cards
• Boho nature stickers
• Scalloped snap clip template (if you previously purchased our snap clip die then you can use this instead)
Step 1: Using your die or template, cut out the snap clip cover.
Step 2: Align the cut out cover with your snap clip.
Step 3: Glue the cover around the edges to the clip.
Step 4: Place a sticker on to a bow display card.
Step 5: Clip your new hair slide on to the card (or in your hair) and you're done!
Whether you are creating them as a product to sell in your shop or as a gift, they're sure to be popular and the best bit is you can create them in all different sizes and styles!